I have been nominated by a fellow blogger for the
Sunshine Blogger  Award.
I humbly thank him.


sunshine award

For those who do not know what a Sunshine Blog Award is : it is a prize to “bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere”. Any award winner has to follow these  few rules.
nk the person who gave this award and write about it. 1-Post this award on your blog site. 2-Nominate 10 fellow bloggers, and let them know you did  3- Answer 10 questions about you.


The fellow blogger that nominated me is the author of  Moorbey’z .
I suggest everyone to visit his blog,  an inspiring sight
from an African American perspective.

My choice:  bloggers I nominate as deserving the Sunshine  Blogger Award:

http://www.algerieinfos-saoudi.com/ algerie-infos

http://fasokan.com/ Fasokan, Mali

http://7our.wordpress.com/ Un regard  averti sur l’Algérie et le Monde.

http://affairesfamiliales.wordpress.com/  Affaires Familiales & Droits des enfants

http://alexandravaliente.wordpress.com/ Ephemeris360°

http://menantum.wordpress.com/ C’mon People or Sheeple

http://cafeafrica.wordpress.com/ Café Africa

http://storiedellaltromondo.wordpress.com/ Storie dell’altro mondo (Palestina)

http://islametro.altervista.org/ ISLAMETRO

http://geopoliticamente.wordpress.com/ GeoPoliticaMente


Questions & Aswers

What inspired you to start blogging?
I was unsatisfied the way italian media covered the insurgence in Libya and I wanted to share contents from foreign not aligned sources

How did you come up with the name of your blog?
Maktub is a inspiring arab word : what has to be.

What is your favorite blog to read?
As I focus on the events, my favorite blogs are changing. The favorite is the one giving me the deeper insight on the topic I follow.

Tell me about your dream job?
To give info the reader did not find elsewhere.

Is your glass half full or half empty?
More often half empty … but never completely empty.

What food can you absolutely not eat?
Insects… even if know that if this food were commonly eaten starvation and desertification would disappear from the world

Dark chocolate or milk chocolate?
Dark. Definetely.

Where would you go for a dream vacation?
A coming back to Sahara with no limit of time. Unfortunately that magical part of our planet presently is no more a place for holidays. Norway in the season of the aurora borealis would be another choice.

How much time do you spend blogging?
Quite a bite.

Do you watch T.V. , if so, what are some of your favorite shows?
Don’t like tv- Only sometimes  I watch old movies or the unsurpassed serial Law& Order