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Black Panthers Condemn Obama ………….. [the deceitful “drone man” ]

17 giugno 2013


source : thanks to the friend-blog

In this nation, we have been ingrained with the notion that ordinary everyday Black, WhiteBrown, Red, and Yellow people have genuine representative government because we have the right to vote. Yet, elected officials have repeatedly simply lied to the electorate, and once they have been voted into office, proceeded to violate the trust of those who voted for them. Unfortunately, this is not a new or even an unusual phenomenon.

Speech of the Author and Activist, Larry Pinkney

Steve Biko said
“The most powerful  weapon in the hands of the oppressors
is the mind of the oppressed”


Pinkney si esprime in un inglese corretto e chiaramente pronunciato, ma chi lo ritiene necessario può, cliccando sotto il video  in YouTube, seguire  la versione sottotitolata.

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